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Australian/US WWII Knife V44 Bowie Fighting -Aussie -Levensons Radio JUNGLE KING

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1 SO RARE Australian-made World War 2 V-44 fighting/survival knife.  This is the ONLY Australian V44 knife I have been able to find marked for sale by Levensons Radio in Sydney.  This wood handle Aussie WW2 fighting knife would make an important addition to any collection.


The blade is engraved on its front side 'Jungle King'.  Pretty cool.  The reverse side of the blade is engraved 'Made for Levensons Radio  226 Pitt St.  Sydney'.  

The other type of Australian-made fighting knife I have seen engraved with 'Made for Levensons Radio...' is the Australian Commando stiletto.  Note the last photo provided above of the same marking on an Australian Commando stiletto.  


This knife measures 13 7/8" overall.  The blade itself measures 8 11/16".  There was no scabbard with this knife when we purchased it.  


Interested in knife you will never find again in your lifetime?  This is your chance. 

This exceptionally rare knife is in excellent condition.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country Australia/United States

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