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Antique Kamakura 1185-1333 AD Japanese Samurai Sword -GOLD MENUKI/Waki-Goto/Old

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1 fine ancient Japanese Samurai sword available.  The blade itself was carried by Samurai as early as the Kamakura Period, 1185-1333 A.D.  This desirable Japanese antique would make an important addition to any collection.

This sword has extraordinary artistry making it an exceptional Japanese antique.  When I bought this sword I was offered $2600 just for the solid gold menuki.  The dealer wanted me to just kind of 'slip the menuki out from under the wrap'. 

The tang/nakago on this Kamakura blade is unsigned, shortened, and has 3 holes.  The tsuba is signed.

The blade measures 14 1/8" (35.9 cm) from blade tip to the habaki.  Note the blade carvings/bohi.  The 2-piece habaki has both Silver and Gold foil. 

The matching fuchi/kashira are shakudo.  The kashira depicts a coastal Samurai village.  The fuchi depicts a Samurai in armor in a boat on the ocean.  The signed high-relief tsuba depicts an armored Samurai as well.  In addition, the kozuka is Waki-Goto, and also features a Samurai in armor motif.  The kogatana is nicely signed. 

The saya is exceptional as well.  It has fine textured lacquer work with no damage.  A fine yellow and gold silk sageo is attached to the saya.

There are no openings of any mentionable size on this sword.  The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy.  There are no nicks in the blade edge. 

The koshirae are quite nearly perfect. 

This fine early sword--and its fittings--should be taken to Shinsa for papers.

This extraordinary Japanese Samurai antique would make an important addition to any collection.

Specific Name Specific Value
Period Kamakura -- 1185-1333 A.D.
Country Japan
Item Samurai sword

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