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Antique Japanese Samurai TACHI Sword -1860 AD -Old Collection/Dragon Horimono

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1 fine mid-1800's Japanese Samurai Tachi available.  This tachi would make an important addition to any collection. 

This tachi was made by Minamoto Sukeshige in 1860.  This sword has fine dragon and bonji horimono carving on the blade.  The blade measures 28 3/4".  There are no flaws of any kind in the blade.

The mounts are very fine.  All are hand-carved.  Each fitting is covered in gold gilt.  The saya has a family mon done in lacquer.  Note the high grade tsuka wrap, fine dragon and bonji horimono, and massive size of this sword.  

The blade is in excellent polish.  There are no flaws of any kind in the blade--no ware/openings, and a healthy hamon and boshi.  One of the saya hangers is missing a fitting that drops over the hanger.  The saya has occasional missing lacquer.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period ca. 1860 A.D.
Country Japan
Item Tachi

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