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Antique Japanese Samurai Sword -1504 AD -Old/Chujo saku -FUJISHIRO PAPERED

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1 antique Japanese Samurai sword available.  This sword is papered, and was made during the Eisho period 1504 A.D.-1521 A.D.  This antique Japanese art sword would make an important acquisition for any collection. 


This sword is in full polish, and has exceptional condition koshirae (mounts).  The blade measures 19 3/4" (50.1 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.    


The sword is mumei/unsigned.  The Fujishiro group papered this sword to a swordsmith in the Bungo Takada group who worked during the Eisho period--as mentioned above 1504 to 1521 A.D.  Harumori was a Bungo Takada chujo saku smith who worked during that time, so that is the likely swordsmith who made this sword.  


The gold foil habaki is very fine--it was made by Brian Chernega.  Brian's habaki like this cost a minimum of $1000 I am told.  He is the tosogu craftsman who did all of the collector's tosogu work, and he is the best tosogu craftsman in the U.S.  The blade spine is marumune (rounded blade spine).  This sword has a fine two-headed dragon iron tsuba.

This sword is in full polish.  The koshirae are perfect.  



This papered sword by Harumori, circa 1504 A.D., would make an important addition to any collection.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Period 1504 A.D.
Country Japan
Item Samurai Wakizashi

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