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BIG Antique Japanese Samurai DAITO Sword -Shakudo -PAPERED/SIGNED -Old - 75.4 cm

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1 exceptional Japanese daito sword available.  This large sword is impressive to see and handle.  The blade measures a long 29 5/8" (75.4 cm).  The tsuba is large as well.  The mounts are equally as impressively proportioned.  This ca.1596-1624 A.D. Japanese daito sword would make an important addition to any collection.     

This antique Samurai sword is signed on the nakago/tang:  'Mimasaka kuni Tsuyama ju Kanesaki'.  The signature is guaranteed by two sets of papers.  This sword was submitted on two separate occasions, and each time the signature was confirmed.  

The reverse side of the nakago is impressively signed in a different hand 'Made with great care'.  

The blade measures 29 11/16" (75.4 cm) from blade tip to notch in the blade spine.  The large tsuba is impressive--it has a katchushi style with an umbrella motif.  3 7/16" X 3 1/8"  (8.7 cm X 7.9 cm).  The tsuba is signed 'Masatoshi'.  

The fuchi/kashira and saya fittings are all shakudo with the same motif.  

The Silver foil habaki is truly impressive--it's motif is of a Samurai banner in front of a bamboo fence

The blade is in excellent polish.  The blade has no nicks.  The hamon and boshi are perfectly healthy.  The kurikata was lost long ago.  A horn kurikata will be a beautiful replacement.  All other fittings are in beautiful condition.  The saya lacquer is in wonderful condition with only an occasional scratch or scuff.  There are no ware of any size to mention below the shinogi line with just one minor one above the shinogi line right next to the habaki.  

Specific Name Specific Value
Country Japan
Period 1596-1624 A.D.
Maker Mimasaka kuni Tsuyama ju Kanesaki
Item Samurai Daito Sword

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