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Antique 18th C. Japanese Samurai Yari -WW2 US GI Bringback -Old Sword Collection

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1 antique Japanese Samurai pole yari.  This ancient 17th/18th century Samurai yari would make an important addition to any collection.

This yari was brought back by a G.I. after World War 2.  The pole was cut down (like most were) so it could fit in the G.I.'s duffel bag. 

This yari measures 17 3/16" including the nakago.  The point itself measures 6 9/16".  With its cut-down pole, this yari measures 38" overall. 

The yari spearpoint is marked with Japanese kanji. 

This yari has staining/patina on its surface.  A suguha/straight temper line is visible beneath the staining. 

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Made in Japan

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