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AERIAL M3 Trench Knife -US WW2 -USM3/WWII -MILSCO M6 1943

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1 U.S. World War 2 Aerial blade-marked M3 fighting knife available.  This U.S. fighting knife would make an important addition to any collection.

The blade-marked Aerial M3 is one of the more difficult M3's to find.  The blade is marked 'U.S. M3 AERIAL MARINETTE, WIS'.  

This knife has a MILSCO M6 sheath.  M3 and militaria collectors are always on the lookout for early M3's paired with M6 1943 sheaths.

This knife is in excellent condition.  This knife and sheath saw honest use during World War 2.  The condition of knife and sheath is just like a lot of us like them--actually carried in combat, but still in exceptional condition!  The knife blade has its original finish.  The guard is perfectly tight.  The M6 sheath's condition is an excellent 9 out of 10--which is exceptional on a carried knife.  



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Specific Name Specific Value
Period World War 2
Country United States

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